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Powerful IoT Platform
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Things5 platform is designed to enable customer applications, empower R&D and improve after-sales service using analytics data.

Connect your products

Domestic <br> appliances


Professional <br> tools


Industrial <br> machinery


Vehicles and <br> vans

Vehicles and

Medical <br> instruments


Delivering value at 360°

Things5 collects all IoT analytics from your fleet of connected products and distributes value to internal and external stakeholders and softwares:

Things5 Scheme

How it works?


All analytics data in one place

Things5 centralizes the collection of data from all devices to enable new 360° services: from apps to big data analysis tools, to reporting to dedicated tools for the service.


Ready-to-use platform features

Along with the analytics core, Things5 provides a complete backoffice to monitor your fleet of products, manage your devices and users.  


Secure and trusted technology

We work with industry-leading partners and cutting-edge technologies to ensure strongest security standards. We're currently conforming to OWASP guidelines and GDPR requirements.

A complete suite of tools

/_nuxt/img/monitor.9fb1bb4.svg Tool

Real-time status monitoring

/_nuxt/img/laptop-launch.9d43ce1.svg Tool

Device activation and management

/_nuxt/img/pie-line-graph.3177b85.svg Tool

Device statistics and diagnostics

/_nuxt/img/alarm-bell.e5bcee3.svg Tool

Notifications and reports

/_nuxt/img/users.f0e00ca.svg Tool

Users profile management

/_nuxt/img/headphones.dd96863.svg Tool


/_nuxt/img/hammer.e3e4fbe.svg Tool

Product maintenance

/_nuxt/img/card.893788a.svg Tool

Service subscription

/_nuxt/img/pie-line-graph-chart.ea63af6.svg Tool

Interactive dashboard analysis

/_nuxt/img/time-clock.c67bed2.svg Tool

Consumables management

Benefits for OEMs

Benefits for
end customers

Remote controlBenefit

Remote control

The customer can remotely monitor the status of the device/machinery and manage the operating parameters.
Tele-assistance /
Problem solvingBenefit

Tele-assistance / Problem solving

In case of need the customer can easily solve problems by activating a remote troubleshooting session directly with the customer service.
Automatic notifications, alarms and reportsBenefit

Automatic notifications, alarms and reports

The end user can be automatically updated in case of special events, anomalies and receive usage reports.
Other specific use casesBenefit

Other specific use cases

Each product has its very own use cases that can be easily addressed with a customized approach through the Things5 platform.

Platform features

Open platform

Open platform

White label

White label



GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Multi language

Multi language

Out of the box

Out of the box

Key benefits

Achieve new business <br> models

Achieve new business

Simplify remote <br> diagnostics

Simplify remote

Constantly improve <br> your products

Constantly improve
your products

Engage your customers

Engage your customers

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing

Discover how we can integrate with your products



How are you different from other solutions in the market?

Things5 is one of the few solutions in the market to provide an agnostic analytics core combined with pre-built management applications specifically designed to completely fulfil the needs of all stakeholders from customers to sales, R&D and after-sales service.  


What else do I need for an end-to-end solution?

On the bottom side, in case you don't have, you need and hardware provider capable of exchanging data reliably and in security with Things5. On the top side you might need customer web or mobile apps, served directly by Things5 backend via APIs. We can help you with both cases thanks to our network of partner specialists.


What's your pricing model?

We currently deliver Things5 using a recurring licensing model calculated on expected data volumes / number of devices. This reduces your total cost of ownership for the whole solution meaning that all of our software includes cloud management, maintenance, technical support, free upgrades and commit to highest SLAs standards. Things5 can be shipped in our own cloud (managed) or in your private one (on your premises).


Do you evaluate partnership programs?

Yes, definitively. If you have any idea to discuss just reach out, we'll be happy to talk. Generally speaking we privilege projects with positive impact on health, society and the environment.