Data UIs & Experiences.

Digital Companies & Platforms rely on Visup to deliver better performances for their products and services: Digital Marketing, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), E-learning, Smart cities, Fintech, E-government.

Why choose us:


We’re 100% specialised in creating interactive and real-time Data UIs that live online.


With over 8 years experience in UI development our visualization technology has served millions of users worldwide.


We leverage on our user-centred methodology to build the right Data Experience for your specific needs.

Bringing value
to the last mile of data.

Express the potential of your solution by empowering the data interaction layer.

Our playground:

Custom Analytics UIs

We conceive and engineer Data UIs that turn your custom-built analytics into powerful actionable intelligence.

Connected Devices UIs

UI applications for Industry 4.0 e IoT designed for superior performances when managing real-time data and systems.

Explorative Tools

We create Data Exploration tools capable of visually discovering the universe hidden within your Big Data.

Interactive Reports

Save time and costs by replacing your PowerPoints with a single URL to share and enable collaboration with your team, forever.

Experience Strategy

We support you in the definition of the best strategy to make your data products and services even more valuable and powerful.

Technical Consulting

When you need to address technical challenges for your Data UI solutions we're here to help, just call us!

Massive Data Visualization
with DUST

Now it's possible to visually explore and interact with huge amounts of data. DUST enables complex multivariate analysis through an intuitive zoomable UI which supports seamless layout morphing.
It also works on your iPad.

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Big data ready

Our technology is data-size independent meaning that it doesn't need to scale when dealing with more data.

In-depth exploration

We adopt simple interactions to explore complex data and lead to safe decisions.

Beautifully designed

We craft aesthetically essential and thoroughly architectured UIs to facilitate the cognitive process.

User centred

Our method aims at keeping the user at the centre of our investigation to really focus on the "job to be done".

Unobtrusive interaction

Delivering performant and unobtrusive integration within existing systems, still maintainig scalability and avoiding lock in.


Data UIs insights and views can be instantly frozen and shared asynchronously across the team to feed the exchange of opinions.

data UIs

Tadaboard is the visualization platform designed by VISUP to create programmable Data UIs for your own intelligence, analytics and data analysis needs.

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