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With 10+ years experience Visup builds IoT / Analytics platforms that help Industrial and Data-centric companies to take on new challenges.

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We actively partner with companies for co-creating innovative data-centric products.

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We protect our customers by not publicly disclosing them. If you need our references please contact us.

What's your need?


I'm a manufacturer, I want to digitalise my plant.

We have a dedicated solution for that. Check out Plant9 which offers out-of-the-box capabilities to increase production efficiency by leveraging on your industrial IoT analytics data.


I'm a brand/OEM, I need an IoT platform for my customers.

We are specialized in customer-facing IoT applications that deliver value to your end-customers and all your company stakeholders from after sales to R&D. Our core IoT analytics platform Things5 enables you to Servitization and product-as-a-service new business models.


I need a cloud platform/customer portal for my data.

Our specialty is to turn raw data, either big data or realtime streaming analytics, into valuable data-centric applications that create tangible benefits for a specific segment of people. We can help you lead this process starting with just your data and use cases.


I have an idea for a new data-centric product.

Sure, we're happy to talk about new initiatives to partner. Feel free to reach out using our contact form, email, whatsapp or over the phone.